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Form Nos.6,13,16,42,46 & 45  NBSE Offline V5.2 (software for windows 7 and above version machines only)(size 6.7Mb) (Totalling error in F45 is rectified on 2/4/18)

   N.B.- NBSE Offline V5.2 is updated for grade entry in F45 which was missing in V5.1


(Saved file of f45 to be mailed & countersigned hardcopy of f45 printout to be submitted)


Form No.45 --  (Submission : Within  4th April 2018) (to be downloaded and sent entered forms/saved file to


Form Nos.6,13,16,42,46 -- to be sent to


                        Mention the form no.and name of school in the subject of your email.

                      Obtain a print out (legal size landscape) of the same email copy which is to be  retained for school record/Board's approval.


            Soft copies of printed forms issued to schools

Form No.3 PCR Record

Form 6 Statistics of secondary schools(entry of this form can be done using the above software) 

Form 10 Particulars of Transfer Students

Form 14 Statement of Question paper fees for class ix examinations

Form 15 Progress Report of Class IX/X mid term examination

Form 16 (blank form) in respect of migrating and repeaters only



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