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      1. The duplicate copy of Admit card, Marksheet, Pass Certificate, Registration Card and Migration Certificate shall     be issued on the ground of loss/theft, burnt or damage only. 

      2.  The application for issue of duplicate document(s) must be submitted on the prescribed form.

      3. For duplicate admit card, passport size photograph of the size 3  x  4  cms attested at the back side by a Civil administrative Officer in the rank of SDO(C) and above or Head of institution last studied must be submitted.

                For a candidate who had appeared the Examination prior to 2005(i.e., upto HSLC/HSSLC examination 2004) shall submit 2 (two) attested passport size photograps for applying duplicate Admit card.

     4.  The following procedures shall be followed for issuing/obtaining duplicate, triplicate and

             quadruplicates, etc.

        (a) Loss: If the document(s) is/are lost/stolen, the owner of the document(s) must file an FIR (First    Information   Report) in the concerned Police Station and then apply for the documents after 10(ten) days with certificate from the Police Station.

        (b) Burnt: If the document(s) is/are destroyed by fire, the owner of the document(s) must report it to the 

        Fire Service Station or the Civil Administrative Officer of the area. At the time of applying for a duplicate, he/she must produce a certificate from the nearest Fire Service Station or the Civil  Administrative Officer certifying that the document(s) is / are destroyed in the fire.

        (c) Damage: If the document(s) is/are damaged, the owner of the document( s) may apply for a duplicate

         copy attaching the damaged document(s).


          5.  At the time of applying for duplicate, the following are to be submitted:

        i. a report from the concerned police station with FIR number and date of filing or concerned 

        Administrative Officer.

        ii. a documentary proof of identity.

   6.  The duplicate/triplicate etc. document(s) shall be issued (handed over) to the applicant 3(three) days

        days after receiving the application by the Board's Office.

        7.  The duplicate marksheet shall not be issued within 3 months from the date of publication of the

             results of the examination concerned.

        8.  The rates of fees are :

(a) Application Form Rs.   20.00
(b) Duplicate Admission Card HSLC/HSSLC Rs. 600.00
(c) Duplicate Marksheet HSLC/HSSLC Rs. 900.00
(d) Duplicate Marksheet-cum-Certificate (HSLC) Rs. 1000.00
(e) Duplicate Migration Certificate  Rs. 500.00
(f) Duplicate Pass Certificate HSLC/HSSLC Rs. 900.00
(g) Duplicate Pass Certificate Class 8/11 Rs. 400.00
(h) Duplicate Pass Certificate Class 9 Rs. 400.00
(i) Duplicate Registration Card  Class 9/11 Rs. 400.00



        N.B. : Fee for triplicate document shall be double the fee of duplicate.


      9.  The Board reserves the right not to issue duplicate/triplicate documents.



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